Art Of Game Design: Lenses

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An inspiring card deck for video game designers


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Art of Game Design: Lenses, is the companion for the renowned book and video game design card deck of the same name that asks you all the right questions to chisel at your design plan so you'll be sure to start programming your game with a solid base, the first step on your path to greatness. Because as we all know, good games are made of much tougher stuff than just an idea and some coding.

Straight from the app you'll be able to seek advice through 112 different cards that make up a deck full of creative questions based on practical experience. By selecting one of the cards you'll be able to read it in full detail including all of the questions you have to respond sorted into categories by topics. For example, if you choose the 'competition card' you'll have to answer questions like 'will winning my game make players proud'?

Beyond just quickly looking up specific cards, Art of Game Design: Lenses lets you do exactly what you would usually do with a real deck of cards, things like pick up four cards at random and answer them. These questions will challenge you to put your game development to the test.

Art Of Game Design: Lenses is an excellent tool for video game developers that is sure to improve the final quality of any game that you're trying to create. Ideally, for the complete experience you should also read the book, but the app alone will already prove to be very useful on its own.
By Erika Okumura
The Art of Game Design: a card deck for game designers

The single hardest aspect when starting a video game design project is knowing how to analyze and establish the essentials of your game. Obviously, the best part of testing is when you've already built a prototype, but that isn't always needed. The Art of Game Design is one of the best books out there about video game development, especially when it comes to the actual creative process that happens behind the scenes. By taking a deeper look into psychological factors that underlie games and creativity you'll be able to start out on the right foot from the get go. The paper edition includes a card deck with 113 cards called lenses that allow you to self-evaluate your game and discover what its strong suits are and where its weaknesses lie. These cards are now out as a free Android app.
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